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How To Choose Which Movie To Watch Based On Website Reviews

Are websites for movies reviews good for the film industry? Those websites help us as audience to differentiate movies? How we can be sure of the objectivity of those reviews of these websites? Good questions, don’t you think? Maybe we…


Famous Movies That Were Released In 2016

Every year we are waiting for new releases in the cinematography. We love movies and sometimes a new release is one of the most interesting events during the year. In 2016, there were many new movies that have been released….


The Review Of “Zootopia”

Today we would like to introduce you one of the greatest releases in 2016 in the cinematography. This great release is “Zootopia”. “Zootopia” is an adventure comedy that will keep you in front of the screen for 108 minutes.  …


Review of “Daddy’s Home”

Daddy’s Home is a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It is about a goodie two-shoes stepfather Will Ferrell who is trying to get the respect he deserves from his step-kids. He gains it just about the time their…


Review of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

  Spoiler alert! This will have information about all parts of the movie; beginning, middle and end. Stop reading if you haven’t seen it. This is for people who have seen it and really want to see another’s interpretation and…

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Review of “The Martian”

One of the top 5 grossing movies of 2015 Matt Damon doesn’t disappoint in The Martian. On the initial onset of this movie you are wondering how he is left on Mars. They answer that pretty quickly and so the…

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Top Comedies of 2015

We all like to laugh. I think now, maybe because I am older, it is harder to find a top list for comedy movies than any other genre. Maybe it’s because the story line sometimes has to take a back…


Top Dramas of 2015

In an 11.3 billion dollar industry we saw a fair share of great dramas in 2015. We witnessed some Oscar-worthy performances by actors and actresses who both have won the award before and ones still seeking that first title. We…


Top Family Movies of 2015

One of the biggest money making genres out there the family movies do well year in and year out. No good parent can say no to these remarkable animated films that bring imagination to life for their kids. In addition,…


Top Grossing Movies of 2015

The movie industry as a whole did very well in 2015. It is an industry that stands with the times and always will. It seems as though no matter what the economy is doing, no matter where it is headed…